Common Repairs

Captain Air is committed to helping you get as long a life out of your equipment as possible and to not talk you into replacing your system unless it is necessary and in your best interest. Our company is founded on the principle that treating our customers the way we would want to be treated is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the best way to ensure that our customers will be lifetime customers that will call us for all their heating and cooling needs. For this reason, we will always pursue the cheapest and most efficient ways to get your systems back to good working order. Sometimes there is no way around the inevitable event that will indeed require a complete system change out, but when you call Captain Air you can have the peace of mind that we will only do that when absolutely necessary.

Furthermore, in keeping with the commitment to keep your repair and replacement cost to a minimum and the desire to get as long a life out of your system as possible, we strongly encourage you to check out our annual tune-up and maintenance program. Just like cars need to be regularly maintained to prevent costly repairs, so do heating and air systems. Tens of dollars can literally save you thousands of dollars.


When the cool air disappears, a common culprit is a system that is low on refrigerant levels.


Capacitors are what help the compressor and blower motor to kick on. They are a limited life-cycle component, but replacing capacitors are far less involved and expensive than changing out a compressor or blower. Compressors and blowers do go out, but capacitors go out more often in the life of a system.


A very common repair for us involves the condensation drain lines. If drain lines plug and corrode over or if the condensation pump goes out, damage to the unit and/or the interior of the home can occur if not repaired in time.


Cont-actors are special switches that send electric to various components when needed. When systems do not kick on as they should, a problem with the cont-actors is a common reason.


The blower motor is what turns the fan that blows air throughout your house. All motors wear out over time. When your system kicks on but nothing happens on the inside, this doesn’t always mean you need a new unit. Sometimes a motor change out will do the trick.